Tips | What to pack for a weekend in Paris ?

Faire sa valise pour un week-end Paris

Pack your suitcase for a weekend in Paris with our 7 practical tips. Whether you’re wandering through cobbled streets, strolling along the banks of the Seine or visiting gardens, museums and cafés, Paris has plenty to offer.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends or family, make sure you don’t forget anything and get the most out of your stay in Paris. Here’s our checklist of what to pack for a weekend in Paris.


What to wear on a trip to Paris


Versatile clothing. Paris is known for its casual chic… but also for its highly variable weather. Bring versatile clothes that can be easily layered and mixed to create different looks. Think pieces like comfortable jeans or chinos, light shirts, a cardigan or a warm but thin Merino wool sweater. If you’re heading to Paris in winter, remember to pack warm clothes to brave the cold! (Warm sweater and coat, scarf and gloves). And don’t forget – whatever the season – a space-saving waterproof jacket such as a Kway, rain poncho, trench coat or oilskin for rainy days. And don’t forget to pack a small bag for your dirty laundry.

Comfortable shoes. With so many kilometers to walk through Paris, comfortable shoes are a must. Depending on your outings and schedule, opt for stylish walking shoes that feel good on your feet, or choose sneakers that will let you explore Paris without foot pain. You won’t regret it.

Practical accessories. Don’t forget your essentials: a compact umbrella, a light scarf for cool evenings, sunglasses for sunny days and a small backpack or shoulder bag to carry your belongings throughout the day (water bottle, umbrella…), especially if you’re visiting museums. An easy-to-fold cotton tote bag can also be very useful for shopping in town.


Your accessories for a weekend in Paris


Paris guide. Although it’s tempting to rely on technology, a (real) travel guide and a map of the city can be very useful for finding your way around the picturesque districts of Paris and discovering hidden nuggets far from the tourist trails, in globe-trotter mode. Using a paper guide rather than your smartphone allows you to switch off, focus on the essentials and enjoy the moment.

Plug adapter: Make sure you bring a plug adapter if you’re traveling from a country with different electrical outlets. This will avoid any inconvenience when charging your electronic devices.

Camera or smartphone with external battery. Capture the magic moments of your Parisian escapade with a quality camera or your smartphone. Be sure to capture the city’s monuments at their best, as well as the charming details of cobblestone streets and iconic cafés. A nomad battery can save you if you’re using your smartphone all day long for journeys, reservations, photos…

Toiletries. Pack your essential toiletries in space-saving travel sizes. Don’t forget: your toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up remover & cotton pads, cotton buds, tissues and any medication you may need. A small first-aid kit with painkillers, fever reducers and band-aids.

If you’re traveling in spring-summer, be sure to pack sunscreen so you can enjoy the sunny Parisian terraces. Did you forget something? Paris is famous for its parapharmacies, packed with French brands that are adored the world over.

Here, we’ve put together a checklist of items to take with you on a weekend in Paris. But of course, don’t forget your essentials! Depending on where you’re coming from and the length of your stay. Identity papers and passport, cash and credit card, insurance policy, vouchers, reservations… Put them all in a small, organized travel pouch. As a precaution, make copies on your smartphone, drive or USB key.

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